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Since opening its doors back in 1971, Tire Shak has provided both the highest quality tires and automotive repair services to its clientele. Currently located at 12 Great Hill Rd., Ansonia, CT, the Tire Shak also serves customers from neighboring areas including Seymour, Oxford, Derby, Shelton, Woodbridge, and Naugatuck.

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Tire Shak provides 172,500 Mile Service services to Ansonia, CT, Seymour, CT, Oxford, CT, and other surrounding areas.
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Tire Shak is the leading 172,500 mile service shop in Ansonia, CT, Seymour, CT, and Oxford, CT. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your vehicle is running at its optimal performance level. The safety of you and your family is our top priority. Due to the conditions in the Seymour, CT area it is important that the Preventative Maintenance be performed at the recommended level. At the 172,500 Mile Service Interval the Vehicle Manufacturers require certain safety inspections and preventative maintenance. Our trained mechanics focus on only performing the services and repairs your vehicle requires, the safety of you and your family, keeping your vehicle running at its top performance, and ensuring that your factory warranty stays intact. We are able to bring you the highest level of service and properly maintain your vehicle at a fraction of what a dealer would charge.Our 172,500 Mile Service Interval includes the following:Before every 172,500 mile service we perform a Quality Assurance Road Test to ensure that your vehicle is handling and performing at its optimal level. If our Mechanics hear or feel anything out of the ordinary they will be able to inspect your vehicle once they place it on the lift. If our Mechanics do not find what they heard or felt during the 172,500 Service Interval Inspection list we will inform you what we experienced during the Road Test to inquire if you would prefer further Diagnostics. Our 172,500 mile Service Interval consist of the following services and inspections:

Replace Engine Oil and Filter – Due to the climate in the Seymour, CT area Vehicle Manufacturers consider us to be in harsh driving conditions. They require more frequent Oil and Filter changes. Routinely changing your vehicle’s engine oil per the manufacture’s guidelines is an essential part of properly maintaining your vehicle and keeping its warranty intact. The oil keeps the internal components of the engine lubricated and the filter collects any debris from causing any damage. This is an essential routine maintenance item to ensure performance and longevity of your vehicle.

Ball Joints and Dust Covers - Excessive play from the Ball Joints can cause excessive tire wear, poor performance and handling. If not caught early enough can result in failure, cause further suspension damage and leave you stranded on the side of the road. Ensuring that there is no excessive play from the suspension can save the cost of a very expensive repair and prevent a break down.

Drive Shaft Boots – We ensure that your vehicles Boots are properly sealed, do not have any damage or tears, and are not dry rotted. This ensures that the drive shafts stay properly lubricated and can save an expensive repair of replacing the Drive Shaft.

Reset Maintenance Reminder - If your vehicle is equipped with a Maintenance Reminder System we will reset that during your service to ensure you are properly notified for your next Service Interval.

Tire Inspection, Rotation, and Inflation – The roads in the Ansonia, CT area sometimes are not always in the best condition. Proper Tire inflation is vital for optimal handling and safety. During each Service Interval our Mechanics will inspect your tires to ensure proper placement for the best performance and longevity of your tires. Tire rotations are performed periodically so that all four tires wear evenly. If you do not rotate your tires they will wear unevenly and will require replacement more frequently. Proper inflation of your tires is essential for proper wear and performance. Properly inflated tires also improve fuel mileage.

Steering Linkage and Boots - We inspect the Linkage and Boots in your Steering. Excessive play in your steering can be dangerous. It can inhibit the speed of your response in an emergency situation and cause issues like excessive tire wear.

Brake Linkage/Drums/Pads/Disc – It is extremely important to keep your vehicle running at its top performance for the safety of you and your family. A properly working Braking System is extremely important. The harsh weather conditions in the Seymour, CT area requires more frequent inspections of your Braking System. Routine and thorough inspections of your braking system will ensure that you are able to safely stop your vehicle each and every time. Brake failures also can cost a lot of money to repair. A brake pad that is getting too low and not able to make it to the next Service Interval if not caught can wear into your Rotor and become a very expensive repair.

There is more to servicing your vehicle than just changing your oil and rotating your tires. Proper Preventative Maintenance will save you money and also your time. We are part of the Seymour, CT community. If you are in the Ansonia, CT, Seymour, CT, or Oxford, CT areas and looking for an honest and dependable mechanic please contact us. We value your time, save you money, and gets you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Call us at (203) 735-7887 to setup a convenient appointment to ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Areas Served : Ansonia CT | Oxford CT | Seymour CT | and surrounding areas

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Tire Shak

Since opening its doors back in 1971, Tire Shak has provided both the highest quality tires and automotive repair services to its clientele. Currently located at 12 Great Hill Rd., Ansonia, CT, the Tire Shak also proudly serves customers from neighboring areas including Seymour, Oxford, Derby, Shelton, Woodbridge, Naugatuck, and Beacon Falls. The store specializes in tires, brakes, front end work, wheel alignments, oil changes, as well as shocks and struts. The highly trained and courteous staff of mechanics provides a wide range of services such as flat repairs, computer spin balance, and low profile tire installations. Customers can count on only the most durable and reliable products from well-known names MICHELIN®, BFGoodrich® and Uniroyal®.

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